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Best distortion pedals?

A lot of amplifiers today come with a distortion channel included; in fact, (nearly) all of them. Distortion plays an important part in a great proportion of the general guitarist tone,whether he/she plays heavy metal, rock, or even some kinds of blues or country. So it's always good to have a good look at this part of the tone. Sure, you can use the distortion even the cheapest amplifier has to offer. However, amp manufacturers do have to focus on the quality of both clean and distorted channels; the latest may, sometimes, not be just the right sound for you. So what do you do? Throw away your amp and buy another one for the distortion? Have 2 amps, each with its "sweet" channel? That would be possible, despite expensive and... strange. ;) How about: why not be able to get a sweet distortion "plugged in" an amplifier with a good clean channel but a not-so-good default distortion channel? Well, this is where distortion pedals come in handy!

The sheer variety of distortion pedals available on the market is quite amazing, and, on the other hand, overwhelming. I've decided to make a metanalysis on this subject. This way I can help you narrow your potential targets from tens of thousands down to six or seven. Sounds good? Let's get on with it ;)


(For an explanation of what this is all about, see This site explained.)
Ultimate Guitar forum topic 1
Original Post Date: June 2007
Original Poster Question: good distortion pedal for his VOX AC30 to have better "gain range".

- ProCo turbo rat: 5
- Digitech: 3
- Avenged Sevenfold: 1
- Marshall Guv'nor: 1
- Bad Monkey: 1
- EH Metal Muff: 1
- Fuzz Factory: 1
- MI Audio Chunchbox: 1
- Shredmaster: 1
Ultimate Guitar forum topic 2
Original Post Date: February 2008
Original Poster Question: good distortion pedal not beyond Hendrix level
- Electro Harmonix Big Muff: 3
- Boss OD: 1
- Fuzz Face: 1
- ProCo Rat: 1
- Visual Sound: 1

PetrucciForum topic
Original Post date: March 2008
Original Poster Question: Best distortion pedal for metal
- MXR: 3
- Boss DS: 2
- Line 6 Uber Metal: 2
- MI Audio: 2
- ProCo Rat: 2
- Boss Metal Zone: 1
- Tonebone Classic: 1
- Vox Satchurator: 1

Original Post Date: June 2008
Original Poster Question: Good distortion pedal for a solid state amp

- EH Metal Muff: 3
- Maxon Sonic Distortion: 3
- MI Audio Crunch Box: 2
-VOX: 1
- AMT Electronics California Sounds: 1

Puts Boss DS-1 at 2nd, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff at 4th, MXR at 5th, Boss Metal Zone at 9th position.

Original Post Date: February 2009
Original Poster Question: distortion pedal with good sustain

- Tonebone: 3
- Vox Satchurator: 3
- MI Audio Crunchbox: 1

And the winner is...

1.     Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff: 8 points
Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff Distortion Pedal

2.     ProCo Rat: 8 points
Pro Co Turbo Rat Distortion Pedal

3.     VOX Satchurator: 5 points
Vox Joe Satriani Satchurator Distortion Pedal

4.     MI Audio Crunchbox: 4 points
Mi Audio Crunch Box Distortion

5.     Tonebone Classic: 4
Radial Tonebone Classic Tube Distortion Pedal

Uff, this one is close... I've put EH above ProCo simply because of the "official Top 10" distortion pedals honorable mention EH got (or because I sorted the 1st and the 2nd alphabetically... choose whichever suites you best lol ;) kidding).

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