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Custom Virtual Guitar Designs

I have found out two interesting sites that allow you to paint a guitar the way you like. It can be a useful way to preview some guitar colors you have in your mind before starting to press sprays over the wood. On the other hand you can just do it for fun.

So, here are the sites:

USA Custom Guitars  - this site uses the KISEKAE system, which is present on other sites besides USA Custom Guitars.


Axe Wraps - this one is more dedicated to creating actual images for the "face" of your guitar. You can choose amongst a library of patterns available on the site or you can even import your own patterns/images from a .JPG file on your hard disk. AND: in this site you can actually order the Wrap you designed for your guitar, making your project come true! Interesting idea, huh?... ;)


Have fun creating your very own guitars! ;)