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Best clean-tone amp?

The clean sound of a guitar needs no explanation nor introducing. It is also quite often hand-in-hand with several effects such as chorus and reverb. But clean doesn't necessarily mean sterile. Even a "clean guitar" has a spectrum of tonal possibilities, from a chicken-pickin' Telecaster to an involving "reverbed" sequence of chords. Do not misjudge the "clean" meaning in this topic: a clean guitar (in this topic opposed to distorted guitar) in certain tracks can make you feel like you are listening to a lonely guitarist on an enormous gloomy church hall. Clean sound can be as involving as distorted sound, and is equally able to be used as a tool to express feelings.


(For an explanation of what this is all about, see This site explained.)


Ultimate Guitar forum topic
Original Post Date: December 2006
Original Poster Question: best cleans amp at any price
- Fender: 24
- Roland Jazz Chorus: 11
- VOX AC30: 6
- Carvin Legacy: 3
- Mesa-Boogie Lone Star: 3
- Peavey: 3
- Orange Reckerverb: 1

Home Recording forum topic
Original Post Date: December 2007
Original Poster Question: the best clean tube amp around $500-700 to run pedals through

- Fender: 10
- VOX: 4
- Carvin: 3
- MusicMan: 3
- Peavey: 3
- Ampeg: 2
- Crate: 1
- Gibson Lab Series: 1
- Laney: 1
- Matchless: 1
- Mesa-Boogie Lone Star: 1
- Roland Jazz Chorus: 1

Gear Slutz forum topic
Original Post Date: April 2008
Original Poster Question: guitar amplifier with best cleans

- Fender: 11
- Mesa-Boogie: 6
- Marshall: 3
- VOX: 3
- Matchless: 2
- Hiwatt: 1
- Roland Jazz Chorus: 1

Offset Guitars forum topic
Original Post Date: May 2009
Original Poster Question: the OP talks about a project of his which aims to build the ultimate hi-fi "clean-machine" tube amp, for jazz

- Fender: 6
- Hiwatt: 5
- Roland Jazz Chorus: 5
- Ampeg: 4
- VOX AC30: 2

Jemsite forum topic
Original Post Date: January 2010
Original Poster Question: amps with the best clean tone

- Fender: 4
- Mesa-Boogie: 3
- Carvin: 2
- Matchless: 1
- Peavey Classic: 1
- Rivera: 1
- Roland Jazz Chorus 120: 1

And the Clean Champion is...

1. Fender: 55
Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb® 22W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

2. Roland Jazz Chorus: 19
Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier

3. VOX: 15
VOX AC30VR VR Valve Reactor Combo Amplifier

4. Mesa-Boogie: 13
Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 1x10 Combo


  1. I have a VOX ac30 and it blasts! The jc cleans are pretty good too, but the vox overdrive's missing.

  2. Yes, it is true that Roland JC-120's distortion channel is no big deal, but it wasn't "meant to be" anyway. ;) Remember: this is just a comparison of the clean tones!

    But I suppose you've got a point - the VOX AC30 is perhaps a better roundup amplifier (considering the whole tone spectrum).

    Thanks for commenting!