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Best clean-tone amp?

The clean sound of a guitar needs no explanation nor introducing. It is also quite often hand-in-hand with several effects such as chorus and reverb. But clean doesn't necessarily mean sterile. Even a "clean guitar" has a spectrum of tonal possibilities, from a chicken-pickin' Telecaster to an involving "reverbed" sequence of chords. Do not misjudge the "clean" meaning in this topic: a clean guitar (in this topic opposed to distorted guitar) in certain tracks can make you feel like you are listening to a lonely guitarist on an enormous gloomy church hall. Clean sound can be as involving as distorted sound, and is equally able to be used as a tool to express feelings.


(For an explanation of what this is all about, see This site explained.)


Ultimate Guitar forum topic
Original Post Date: December 2006
Original Poster Question: best cleans amp at any price
- Fender: 24
- Roland Jazz Chorus: 11
- VOX AC30: 6
- Carvin Legacy: 3
- Mesa-Boogie Lone Star: 3
- Peavey: 3
- Orange Reckerverb: 1

Home Recording forum topic
Original Post Date: December 2007
Original Poster Question: the best clean tube amp around $500-700 to run pedals through

- Fender: 10
- VOX: 4
- Carvin: 3
- MusicMan: 3
- Peavey: 3
- Ampeg: 2
- Crate: 1
- Gibson Lab Series: 1
- Laney: 1
- Matchless: 1
- Mesa-Boogie Lone Star: 1
- Roland Jazz Chorus: 1

Gear Slutz forum topic
Original Post Date: April 2008
Original Poster Question: guitar amplifier with best cleans

- Fender: 11
- Mesa-Boogie: 6
- Marshall: 3
- VOX: 3
- Matchless: 2
- Hiwatt: 1
- Roland Jazz Chorus: 1

Offset Guitars forum topic
Original Post Date: May 2009
Original Poster Question: the OP talks about a project of his which aims to build the ultimate hi-fi "clean-machine" tube amp, for jazz

- Fender: 6
- Hiwatt: 5
- Roland Jazz Chorus: 5
- Ampeg: 4
- VOX AC30: 2

Jemsite forum topic
Original Post Date: January 2010
Original Poster Question: amps with the best clean tone

- Fender: 4
- Mesa-Boogie: 3
- Carvin: 2
- Matchless: 1
- Peavey Classic: 1
- Rivera: 1
- Roland Jazz Chorus 120: 1

And the Clean Champion is...

1. Fender: 55
Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb® 22W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

2. Roland Jazz Chorus: 19
Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier

3. VOX: 15
VOX AC30VR VR Valve Reactor Combo Amplifier

4. Mesa-Boogie: 13
Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 1x10 Combo


  1. I have a VOX ac30 and it blasts! The jc cleans are pretty good too, but the vox overdrive's missing.

  2. Yes, it is true that Roland JC-120's distortion channel is no big deal, but it wasn't "meant to be" anyway. ;) Remember: this is just a comparison of the clean tones!

    But I suppose you've got a point - the VOX AC30 is perhaps a better roundup amplifier (considering the whole tone spectrum).

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Tubes created all the great sounds that we learned to keep company with electric guitar music. best combo amp