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Best multi fx guitar pedal

Effects play an important role on the guitar player expression. Some songs became known for their special (original) effect(s), which became a kind of "trademark", a "signature tone" - a delay style, or a reverb/chorus, or a combination of effects which made the tone unique and widely acknowledged...

Part of the magic of effects is the wide possibilities they offer. That brings us to: with different songs, different effects. And with different effects, different pedal units, or the same with different settings. That means - more logistic trouble. On a gig, it may be impossible to change your effects settings between songs, or change the pedals connected (at least on an acceptable period of time)... Moreover, in the case of heavy-effects-users, space itself (for all their pedals) may be a problem.

The market has a neat solution for these dilemmas: multi-fx pedals. They may be cheaper than the sum of the prices of the corresponding dedicated-effect-pedals; they are more portable; and they allow, most of the times, the configuration of effects presets. Voilá! Presto!

Of course, theoretically, on a unit with lots of options, the quality is spread out among all the options, opposed to the case of dedicated pedals, which focus on one mastery. Well, that difference was more important and significant by the time the multi-fx pedals technology was born... Nowadays, the technology has developed, and the potential compromise of quality vs. quantity when switching to multi-fx is stated by many as completely acceptable.

Let's find out in which multi-fx pedals this compromise is the most acceptable!


(For an explanation of what this is all about, see This site explained.)


Harmony Central forum topic
Original Post Date: April 2007
Original Poster Question: Vintage & classic rock distortion and good cleans multi pedal for under $500

- Boss GT-8: 5
- VOX Tonelab: 4
- Digitech (most mentioned: GNX): 3
- Line 6 POD: 3
- Yamaha Magicstomp: 2
- Zoom: 1

Ultimate Guitar forum topic
Original Post Date: October 2008
Original poster Question: Best multi fx pedal with expression pedal for under $400

- Line 6 POD xt: 7
- Boss Me-50: 3
- Digitech: 2
- Zoom G7: 2
- TCE G major: 1
- Korg ax3000g: 1
The Gear Page forum topic

Mentions VOX Tonelab, Digitech RP and Boss GT-8.

TDPRI forum topic
Original Post Date: May 2009
Original Poster Question: Best multi-fx pedal for under $150

- Boss (most mentioned: ME50, GT-8): 4
- VOX (most mentioned: Tonelab): 4
- Carl Martin Quattro: 3
- Line 6 POD: 2
- TC Electronic: 2
- Digitech RP: 1
- Yamaha DG: 1
- Zoom Choir: 1

Marshallforum topic
Original Post Date: August 2009
Original Poster Question: Best multi-fx pedal for a marshall head.

- Line 6 M13: 5
- Carl Martin: 3
- Boss: 2
- TC Electronics: 2
- Rocktron Utopia: 1

Original Post Date: March 2009
Original Poster Question: best multi fx pedal without modeling and, if possible, with true bypass

- Digitech RP: 3
- TC Electronics Nova System: 3
- Boss ME: 2
- Zoom: 1

Hall of Fame!

1 - Line 6: 17
Line 6 POD 2.0
2 - Boss: 17BOSS ME-70 Guitar Multiple Effects Pedal Board
3 - Digitech: 10DigiTech GNX3 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal and Multitrack Recorder
4 - VOX Tonelab: 9

VOX ToneLab LE Floor Processor Pedal for Music Instruments