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Best acoustic guitar?

Serenades. Tears in Heaven. Country & Bluegrass. Let's admit it: acoustic guitars are unreplaceable on certain aspects. They still have their advantages, despite the advent of electricity on the 6 string instrument. They are portable and need nothing else to be playable and heard. They are versatile. They may have its unique sweet, romantic, spanish, countryish, or other tone.
Of course there are good acoustic guitars and bad acoustic guitars. And, quite frankly, there are almost as many brands as there are players. So, which guitars on the shop are worth your 30-seconds "test-play"? Maybe my metanalysis will help you out...

(For an explanation of what this is all about, see This site explained.)


Original Post Date: July 2006
Original Poster Question: Best acoustic guitar for 1000-1500$

- Martin: 4
- Ovation: 3
- Taylor Grand Auditorium: 2
- Alvarez: 1
- Atlas Series AD25: 1
- Blueridge BR160: 1
- Breedlove: 1
- Carvin C: 1
- Elderly: 1
- Gibson: 1
- Harley Davidson: 1
- Ibanez AEF: 1
- Tacoma: 1
- Takamine: EAN10CE: 1
- Washburn: 1
- Yamaha FG: 1

Original Post Date: November 2006
Original Poster Question: Best acoustic guitar for 450 with good looks, easy action and smaller scale
- Yamaha: 7
- Washburn: 5
- Cort: 4
- Maton: 3
- Greg Bennett: 1
- Ibanez: 1

Original Post Date: May 2008
Original Poster Question: Best acoustic guitar for under 1000$
- Seagull S6: 6
- Blueridge: 4
- Godin Norman: 4
- Martin (most mentioned: S): 4
- Taylor: 4
- Faith: 3
- Breedlove: 2
- Lakewood: 2
- Yairi: 2
- Alvarez: 1
- Avalon: 1
- Elderly: 1
- Epiphone Masterbuilt: 1
- Harmony Sovereign: 1

Original Post Date: October 2008
Original Poster Question: Best acoustic guitar for under 500$
- Seagull: 3
- Silver Creek: 2
- Taylor 110: 2
- Yamaha: 2
- Alvarez: 1
- Breedlove: 1
- Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M: 1
- Takamine EG440SC: 1
- Woodsong K-100: 1

Mentions Seagull S6, Washburn D10S, Epiphone Hummingbird, Fender DG100, two Takamines, Yamaha FG7305, Alvarez RG8 and Ibanez AEL20E.

Mentions Seagull S6, Yamaha FG700S, Takamine G-340, two Fenders, Epiphone DR-100, Ibanez AC30NT, Taylor Baby Taylor and Martin LX1.

Mentions Epiphone, Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Taylor, Takamine and Seagull.

Here's the podium:

1 - Seagull S6: 12
Seagull Coastline S6 Folk Cedar Guitar

2 - Yamaha: 12
Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar

3 - Martin: 9

LX Elvis Presley Acoustic Guitar

Even though I already underlined this on the "This site explained" page, I'll say it again: this podium is NOT meant to be an absolute dogmatic score of the different brands. Instead, it is meant to be a good way to provide you the names of the most debated/acclaimed brands on the "guitar community". Use this list as a rough rule of thumb - by this I mean: hit the shop and, when you see one of these brands on a shelf, think "Here is one of the brands mentioned by the Guitar Oracle... Let's check out what this is all about" instead of "That is the one I'll be taking home, sir. How much is it?". You have been warned, I have been "disclaimed". Twice ;).

Seagull S6 impressed me a bit, since it was mentioned on various forums and sites, whether beginner guitars or professional guitars were being debated. I would pay more attention to the Seagull S6 than to a Yamaha in case I hit the shop also because it was almost always the S6 model that was mentioned. Yamahas were, on the other hand, mentioned almost always as a general brand.


  1. Interesting topic. Actually the Seagulls are my favorite too!


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