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The free guitar tools package

There are a lot of free things on the net. A lot of free goldies, actually. But most of the things you find for free on the net are either scam, spam, redundant, mediocre or a combination of those five. Well, I may not give you all the goldie freebies there are, but I can at least give you some ;). You'll most likely enjoy at least some of those tools. If you don't enjoy, you still have nothing to lose, since you had no trouble searching for them (I had that trouble ;)) and you payed nothing for them. It's a win win, so give 'em a try:

Songsterr - this site is an amazing alternative to Guitar Pro tabs. It already has a huge song database, and the main advantage is it only has one version of each song - when other people also want to create a tab of the song, they work on the already created entry for that song instead of creating a new one. This makes the database both tidy and good - the tabs really are complete and realistic. What's more, you can play the tabs on your computer just like you do on Guitar Pro, as well as view each track individually. The BEST thing this site has and guitar pro doesn't is a classification of the tabs by their difficulty: easy, intermediate or advanced, and another classification by their speed. Very nice! No more stacks of versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of guitar pro tabs for the song you're trying to nail, everyone! ;)

Waves GTR Solo (free for a year!) - Waves GTR is at the moment one of the Titans of amp modeling software, along with amplitube, guitar rig and such. Now, a free, light edition of this software is available to download on the official site. You can use it without limitations for an entire year!

Riffworks T4 (has Amplitube Duo LE bundled in it) - If you're tired of your free multitrack recorder that has the very-basics but nothing else (not even an atractive Graphic User Interface), you can try the free light edition of Riffworks. It comes with a light version of Amplitube too. If you conjugate it with Waves GTR Solo, that's already twice the features you can tweak, experiment and record with! ;)

KVRAudio added to your favorites - If you feel like knowing more about VST plugins, hosts, etc, or if you want to browse for them, KVRAudio is an excellent place to start. They have a huge list, with high scores of the most voted, which gives you a good idea of which ones you could try right away. Furthermore, you can browse only free or only paid stuff, and see the high scores of only free/paid stuff too.

All Guitar Chords added to your favorites - many times I go see the chords of a song on the net and stare at things like Asus4. There are chords I remember how to play because I usually use them, but there are other 999 I have no idea they even exist. Does that happen to you too? All Guitar Chords is a quick and reliable way to decode what the heck that chord is.

GKN Chord Progression Generator added to your favorites - if you're into scales, modes and progressions, and you feel like trying to improvise over random chord sequences, then this is for you. All you have to do is choose the key and press generate. The site then shows a sequence of chords for you to play (along). It has no audio generator, but it still is my favorite site of this kind, since it chooses randomly a progression from the database of progressions you can also navigate on. The only thing I would add to this site would be to randomise the key too. But hey, nothing's perfect. I still haven't found a site that randomises the key, so it's not really a flaw...

That's it! A couple of interesting gifts for you. I hope they're half as useful as they are for me ;).

Happy string pulling!