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The package every guitarist must have

There is a lot of interesting and very useful material waiting for us to try. Some things we already know but forget about, like the plectrums example you'll see. I've found a lot of things I should have wrote down to keep track of. Anyway, here goes a list of the best stuff I found (and remember) for you, guitar player:

One hard pick and one soft pick - players often overlook the role of the plectrum on their tones. A hard pick can be better to play an expressive, firm solo, while a soft pick may sound better on a rythm guitar section. Don't forget: sometimes the adjustment you're needing for the guitar to sound "just right" may be switching picks. It's perhaps the simplest and cheapest trick... ;)

One capo - some songs you may want to play require a different tuning which is feasible my applying a capo. It's cheap, small and you never know when it might come in handy. A good thing to have around.

Amplitube/Waves GTR/Guitar Rig/POD Farm - (See The Must-have package - intro)

Roland GR-20 - This magic device is what I see as the XXIst century technological breaktrough on guitar history. It is a guitar pickup that you embed on your guitar, between your bridge pickup and the bridge itself; it receives the signals of the 6 strings and sends them to the device INDIVIDUALLY, in MIDI format; the device then converts the MIDI into pretty much almost any sound you can think of. This way, you can play the piano, strings, brass, violin, saxophone, trumpet, flute... everything on your guitar. And it sounds just the same as the real things! Really, believe me!

eJamming Audio/RiffWorks - these are programs that let you play sessions online with guitar players in any part of the globe. They allow you to jam and compose songs over the net. It's like an MSN made for music!

Guitar Pro - this program is the most famous guitar tablature editor. It has probably the biggest community of users and the biggest tablature libraries. It allows you to hear the tablatures played by the RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) of the program, which doesn't sound "just MIDI" like you would expect - the sound is quite acceptable. A great way to learn songs, since along with the staff you can see where to play the notes on the program's guitar neck.

www.Songsterr.com added to favorites - I have discovered this site recently, and I loved it right from the start. It is a direct opponent to Guitar Pro, and in my opinion it does beat GP! You can read the tablatures ONLINE, for free, without installing any programs nor making any downloads. It also has a huge tablature database, with the option of sorting tablatures by their difficulty, and it also plays the tablature with an acceptable tone.

Happy string pulling! ;)