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Best echo pedal? (edal... dal... al...)

It is incredible the titanic fight of the sound engineers to control which environmental sounds should be noticed on a recorded session and which sounds, glitches, cracks, door knockings, phone rings, bells, dog barks and other VERY undesired "sound-parasites" are to be eliminated by all means necessary. Since many decades ago, they've invested in hardware and software to have total control over the sound that ends up on the tape, CD or whatever drive is being used. Even walls themselves are covered on selected material to prevent sounds from the outer world to reach the studio microphones. But there is one natural sound that studio engineers have been forgiving and even adding to the mix. A sound that results from the sound bouncing from the walls to the microphones. A sound called echo (with some cousins called reverb and delay).
The human ear is more capable of percepting sound nuances than most of us are aware of. We could even talk about an "ear subconsciousness". We can hear if a sound is coming from the left, the right, up front, from behind... or a combination. But it doesn't stop here: from the sound itself, we can sense the type of environment we are in. If you are in a long corridor of a castle, or if you are in the sewers (don't picture the smell, just the sound... ;)), you can "feel" the space around you is tighter than it is if you are on your backyard. Even with your eyes closed.
Now, music is all about feelings. Right? So this property of sound and the human ear can also be explored by musicians to help express something. In this case, they can match a certain feeling to a certain kind of space... A more intimate sound, with no echoes at all, in which you hear, say, a guitar as if it is whispering at your ear, can make you feel different things than a sound that seems to spread all over a hall or even open field.
But musicians don't have to record an environment in that environment. By other words, there are pedals, software and other gimmicks to make their lives easier. And, as I always say, there are good gimmicks... and not so good gimmicks. And there are certainly thousands of them!
In this topic, we're going to focus on the pedals that provide echo to the guitar sound. As always, we'll hit the forums and check out which brands are most talked about. This should get us a step closer to finding a bunch of (at least fairly) good echo pedal to try out on a guitar shop later on.


(For an explanation of what this is all about, see This site explained.)


The Gear Page forum topic
Original Post Date: June 2007
Original Poster Question: echo pedal with modulation controls for speed and depth

- Pigtronix Echolution: 5
- Diamond (most mentioned: Memory Lane): 4
- Eventide (most mentioned: Timefactor): 4
- TC (most mentioned: Nova Delay): 4
- Quiksilver blackbox: 3
- Boss RE-20 Space Echo: 1
- Ibanez DML/PDM: 1
- Jaques analog delay: 1
- Line 6 DL4: 2
- Psionic Audio Triad: 1

GretschPages forum topic
Original Post Date: March 2008
Original Poster Question: the best slapback echo pedal to upgrade from a Carl Martin Red Repeat

- Boss (most mentioned: RE-20 Space Echo): 7
- Danelectro (most mentioned: Reel Echo): 4
- Carl Martin Red Repeat: 2
- Ibanez AD-99: 2
- T-Rex: 2
- ElectroHarmonix Slapback Echo: 1
- Fulltone: 1
- Memory Man Deluxe: 1
- Line 6 Echo Park: 1

Steve Hoffman forum topic
Original Post Date: April 2008
Original Poster Question: requests a discussion about several echo pedal brands he names, to find the best one

- Boss DM-2/RE-20: 2
- Echoplex: 2
- Keeley Modded DD-3: 1
- Memory Man Deluxe: 1

Gear Slutz forum topic
Original Post Date: June 2008
Original Poster Question: warm, vibey tone tough-built delay pedal with tap tempo

- Line 6 DL4: 6
- Boss (most mentioned: DD-20): 4
- Diamond Memory Lane: 4
- Memory Man Deluxe: 4
- DLS Echotap: 3
- Eventide Timefactor: 3
- Pigtronix Echolution: 3
- T-Rex Replica: 3
- Empress: 2
- Tonecore Echopark: 2
- Akai Headrush 2: 1
- Carl Martin Echotone: 1
- TC Nova Delay: 1
- VOX JS Timemachine: 1

TDPRI forum topic
Original Post Date: October 2008
Original Poster Question: good echo pedal for tape slap back

- Danelectro (most mentioned: Reel Echo; Dan Echo): 7
- Carl Martin Red Repeat/Delayla: 3
- Ibanez DE-7/AD-9: 3
- DOD FX: 2
- Rocktron Short Timer: 2
- Akai Headrush: 1
- Boss RE-20: 1
- Daphon E10AD: 1
- Digitech: 1
- First Act: 1
- Hughes & Kettner Replex: 1
- Mad professor deep blue delay: 1
- TC Nova Delay: 1
- T-Rex Replica: 1

And the Pedal of Honor goes to...

1 - Boss (most mentioned: RE-20 Space Echo): 15
BOSS RE-20 Roland Space Echo Twin Pedal

2 - Danelectro (most mentioned: Reel Echo): 11
Danelectro DTE-1 Reel Echo Effects Pedal

3 - Diamond (most mentioned: Memory Lane): 8
Diamond Memory Lane 2 - Analog Delay

4 - Carl Martin (most mentioned: Red Repeat): 6
Carl Martin Red Repeat Delay Pedal

5 - TC (most mentioned: Nova Delay): 6 
TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay Guitar Pedal