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The Art of Guitar Blog Carnival Series - 6 months of scheduled themes

The Art of Guitar blog carnival already has a few dozens of contributors. So, I've decided it is time our writers and readers get a chance to have dedicated blog carnival editions to one subject at a time.

To start with, we are going to have the same categories as Guitar Oracle itself, since they are quite appropriate to cover all the subjects there are to discuss about guitar, in an organized way. When you submit an entry to the Art of Guitar, you may still use a category from the previous Art of Guitar editions, in case you see fit. So, here is the schedule of the next 6 editions of the Art of Guitar:

February the 2nd
Guitar Amplifiers

Amplifier reviews, amplifier specs, articles and discussion, definitions of the kinds of amplifiers there are, new models coming up, the gold timeless models there are... anything that comes to your mind and that you've got to share is welcome.

March the 2nd
Guitar Art

Your guitar decals, the best ways to paint your guitar, how-to remove the finishing and paint from scratch tutorials, your favorite guitar looks, guitars of all shapes and colors, your experience(s) concerning the aesthetic/unconventional side of the guitar...  you name it, you post it.

April the 2nd
Guitar Theory

Where to learn what, good books/sites/videos, what there is to learn about guitar music theory, is there anything worth learning at all, those jazz oldies-goldies books you've got for 20 years, discussions, suggestions, words of advice... feel free and welcome to contribute with what you've got to say, teach or show.

May the 2nd

Guitars all by themselves, whether acoustic, electric or both. The models you like, the most popular there are, what makes a good guitar, where to use which guitar and why, how to choose a good guitar, buying guides and what-to-look-for's, the pickups "holy-grail" pieces of advice, gadgets and equipment that don't fit the amplifiers nor pedals category... Discuss, comment, show, contribute! That's an order! ;)

June the 2nd

Distortion pedals, overdrive pedals, their differences, what you like the most, your favorite models, what makes a good pedal... Echo pedals, delay pedals, what are their differences... multi fx pedals, stomp boxes, buying guides, definitions, tutorials, discussions, reviews, suggestions... or any other facts or opinions you're willing to share - you have green light.

July the 2nd

Guitar software, virtual amplifier simulators, VST effects and plugins, help articles, your opinions, your favorite guitar software, what you think about them, software vs real amplifier, free vs paid debates... submit your piece of wisdom here.

You may submit an entry to any of the following editions right away. In case you have any suggestions or would like to contact me directly, feel free to do so by leaving a comment. Spam will be eliminated.

Happy string pulling! ;)