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The Guitar Oracle - Welcome!

Welcome to the Guitar Oracle.

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you have available on this site.

This is a site dedicated to the world of guitar. You will find info about guitars, guitar amplifiers, pedals, software, technology, theory, aesthetic art...

The main feature of this site is its reviews of guitar gear, and the scoring of pieces of guitar gear according to its popularity on online forums. This scoring has been done manually, searching for questions like "what is the best amplifier for home practice?", "what is the best distortion pedal for metal?", and assessing the answers these questions got on the forums they were posted on.

So here you will find an unbiased answer to all the frequently asked questions about the guitar. Instead of searching for the answer by yourself and mentally "taking notes" about what are the good models and not-so-good models, you may use Guitar Oracle as your reference site to start your quest to find the right answer for you, sparing your time and energy.

Now, in spite of technically being a blog, this site has been optimized to help you find your answer in a quick and easy way. For this, you can browse the questions that have been addressed, by clicking on the Site Map on the upper bar of the site. This Site Map is frequently updated with the posts that are added, and shows you the material sorted by theme, instead of by date.

In case you want to understand in more detail how I've worked to give you unbiased information, or you want to know more about me, you may access the This Site Explained and the About Me pages in the upper bar of the site.

Enjoy your stay, and come back soon!

Happy string pulling! ;)