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About Me

I live in Portugal, I am currently at the university and I am a novice self-taught guitar player who's been playing for 7 years now (2013). I've always loved music, in spite of being quite picky when it comes to liking a band/song or not. If there is such a thing as an "80's music passionate", that would be me. Timeless sounds are never "too old" in my opinion, and I don't feel ashamed to look at masters like Jimi Hendrix, Queen and Dire Straits as my "role models". Vintage sound is my passion. Everyone has their own tastes; that would be mine. :)

I decided to create this blog because I already had a special taste to get informed about the "technical"/technological part of music creation - amplifiers, guitars, pickups, pedals, everything fascinated me. I also got used to learning and doing everything in this field on my own; the  experience I got on the road felt worth sharing. I realised there was kind of an information shortage relating to certain aspects of music creation; well, maybe the information I have on this blog is all on the internet, but it's just all scattered around - there's still missing a well-organized place to search for the information you need. Finally, the challenge of creating a well-structured and useful blog really excited me.

The result? The result is here for you to see. :) I certainly hope it's a good one. Only you can tell ;) One thing is certain: I had and still have a lot of fun with this project... And it's been around since 2008! :)

If you would like to contact me to ask questions, make any suggestions or anything else, please feel free to fill this form:

Knowledge is bliss