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Downloads page

The Guitar Oracle has set up for you a bundle of all the best & free software to get your full studio up and running. All these links give you the INSTANT EASY download, except  when specified otherwise (two of them), which then redirect to the official download page for your convenience.

The first thing you need is a multitrack editor/recorder with VST support. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you... the REAPER!

Now, you need a preamp/amp head to connect your guitar. Choose your weapon...

Mono / Stereo Simulanalog Guitar Suite

(Acmebargig.com has more freebies like Tamla)

The Anvil / NRR-1 Ignite Amps 

Now, what you need is a Cabinet simulator. For this, you need two things: an impulse response (IR) loader, and at least one impulse response (the impulse response is a file that contains the information of the way a certain cabinet behaves when reproducing sound). Choose one IR loader...

...and now choose the packs of impulse responses you're interested in:
Beamsonic IRs 2

There you go. A full-fledged guitar studio on your PC. Total bill: 0 $.

Note: download links provide the Windows versions.