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GO Music Theory Sheets:

Major Scales

Natural Minor Scales

Minor Scales Comparison

Chords Formulae

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Guitar Art
       Custom virtual guitar designs

Guitar Theory
       Best way to learn to play guitar

Guitar Oracle Music Theory Lessons
Applied for the guitar, with left-handed guitar players in mind too, and little to no knowledge / experience required!
      Guitar Theory Lesson 1 - Notes, Scales and the Major & Natural Minor scales
      Guitar Theory Lesson 2 - Major-Minor relationship, Chords and Chord Inversions
      Guitar Theory Lesson 3 - The Concept of Key, Scale Harmonization and Finding the Key of a Song

Guitar Technology
      The must-have package - Intro
      The package every guitarrist must have
      The free guitar tools package
      Guitar Freak Workstation - the XXIst century guitar trainer
      ChordPulse - the swiss knife for your jamming sessions
      Guitar Scales Method - the way I learnt scales!

Guitar Gear
       Guitar amps explained
       Overdrive pedal vs amp overdrive vs distortion
       Fender Mustang III - the budget boutique
       Best solid state amps?
       Best tube amps?
       Best clean tone amp?
       Best modeling amp?
       The ultimate guitar amp shootout (100-250 euros)
       Famous guitarists trademark gear & tone
       Modeling amps with USB connectivity
       Amplifiers full list of speakers and tubes

       Best distortion pedals?
       best wah pedals?
       Best multi-fx guitar pedal?
       Best echo pedal? (edal... dal... al...)

       Best acoustic guitar?

Blog Carnival
      Art of Guitar 1st Edition
      Art of Guitar 2nd Edition
      Art of Guitar 3rd Edition
      Art of Guitar 4th Edition
      Art of Guitar 5th Edition
      Art of Guitar 6th Edition
      The next 6 months schedule
      Art of Guitar 7th Edition (Guitar Amps)
      Art of Guitar 8th Edition (Guitar Art)
      Art of Guitar 9th Edition (Guitar Theory)