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This site explained

On many posts of this blog (namely the ones which title is "the best <...>"), you will see an introduction to the subject, where I try to enlighten you of the interesting and useful parts of the subject, followed by a Popularity Stats section.

On the Popularity Stats section, I post several forum links and count the number of times each brand/model is praised. The forums/other sites were chosen based upon Google search results using straightforward keywords - many times, the post title itself. Some Google results were excluded because they were unacceptably out-of-date (I used as a rough rule of thumb pre-2008 vs. post-2008).

I make an effort to exclude multiple mentions by one same person, but I'm human and therefore error-prone. I apologize for any minor mistakes I potentially made. 

For every negative mention (i.e. "No, brand x is bad, I advise you"), I substract one point to the overall brand score. In the end, I add up the points of each brand, showing the "High-Scores" of the 4 to 8 most mentioned brands/models.

Sometimes I put several models together in one brand, as many different models of the same brand were mentioned. You will likely find out which by reading "most mentioned:" after the brand name - I know even one brand has lots of models, and it could be sometimes useless to know a good brand but have no clue of the good model. :P

This Popularity Stats section is the foundation of what I call metanalysis. It's my attempt to show you, on the most unbiased way possible, which models and/or brands are more likely to please you on your eternal "find the right gear for me" quest. I do not, by any means, want to state that the winner of each Popularity Stats is unarguably the best of the best. I simply try to provide you the names of the most-talked-and-most-praised gear pieces by the online community samples I studied. You should use these infos as a guideline, not a dogmatic universal truth. ;) Suffice it to say that I am not affiliated to any guitar hardware manufacturer nor store. I have made a partnership with the creators of Guitar Scales Method, Sightreader Master Extreme and Chordpulse for product reviews, however I do not consider this partnership biases my opinion in any way.